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The Aula Universitaria Abierta program (AUNA), offers foreign students the possibility of improving and reaching high levels in their Spanish linguistic skills, combining this objective with the acquisition of specific knowledge on subjects which might be of interest for students.

An immersion program, that facilitates the integration and the acquisition of linguistic excellence and also offers the opportunity of learning Spanish, …in Spanish.

Available for students are two campuses of the UCLM, located in two Heritage Cities, Toledo and Cuenca. Being offered 14 degrees, the student can choose in a flexible way the most attractive and interesting for his formative itinerary.


One semester

  • Option 1.- First semester: September-January
  • Option 2.- Second semester February-June


AUNA program is aimed at older than 18 years of age foreigners, with a wide variety of profile types (students, graduates, professionals, etc) that attend to the UCLM with the aim of improving their Spanish language skills, combining this objective with the acquisition of subjects which might be of interest for the student.

The prospective student must do a Spanish level test, whose aim is to diagnose his suitability for this program. It is recommended that the student takes the test with, at least, a B1 level.

**There is a possibility for the student to previously join Spanish studies, to reach the required B1 level for the access to the AUNA program.

These previous studies, can be done either at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, or in the Approved Centers of the Cervantes Institute, that have an agreement with the UCLM for this program in other cities of Spain. (Agreed center listing)


The main aims of this program are:

  • To perform a linguistic and cultural immersion, through the integration in the classrooms of the UCLM undertaking degree subjects with other Spanish university students.
  • To provide the student knowledge intrinsically linked with professional and/or  Cultural Heritage areas in Spain.
  • To facilitate the international student his development in all the communicative competences through reaching all the skills in Spanish as a foreign language. Reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • To provide the student with an advanced level of linguistic/grammatical competence.



The linguistic ELE supporting program will address all the competences and general skills of the Spanish as foreign language learning.
At the same time, there is an AVE license (Virtual Spanish Classroom) of the Cervantes Institute for the student’s disposal, in order to increase his idiomatic qualification in a guided and tutorised way.

The specific aims of the Spanish course will allow the student to (depending of their level of MCER):

B1: Understand the main points of clear standard input on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, leisure, etc.

B2: To understand the main ideas of complex texts and to interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either parts.

C1: Understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and to express him/herself fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions.

C2: To easily understand with ease virtually everything heard or read, spontaneously, very fluently and precisely.


It is the student who chooses the number of ECTS (24 ECTS maximum) and the profile of his formative itinerary. There is an offer of 7 degrees for the student  in both of the destination campuses, Toledo or Cuenca.

The student is allowed to combine subjects of different degrees during his choice.

During his valuing process, the prospective student, will be provided with advice and support for the election of subjects from the professional team of the Spanish Programs in the UCLM, or in that case, from the cooperating Spanish school where the student has previously studied. The designated university centre will also cooperate with this counseling. The outlined election must be consented from all the parts.


Spanish as a foreign language assessment:

The Spanish course will be evaluated through a final test. Moreover, the level of involvement and work inside the classroom will be taken into account.

Specific Degree Subjects Assessment:

The evaluation for any subject will follow the guidelines established in the Degree’s Guía Docente.


Global utilisation diploma granted by the Spanish Programs of the UCLM-. General Foundation / Vicerectorate of International Relations and Continuing Formation, with differentiated indication of the results in the Spanish Language section, and in the Grade Subjects section.

Additional annex: Marks record of the UCLM for the grade subjects studied.


  • For the First semester: September-January: Until 15th of July
  • Fort the Second semester: February-June: Until 15th of January


  • 2025 € General cost
  • special Price for agreed institutions



Once they have fulfilled their enrollment, the students of the AUNA Program will freely join to the next services:

  • Internet Access
  • Library Card
  • Youth Card JCCM

The Spanish Programs in the UCLM, count with our personal support service for the student that, If demanded for the student, provides advice and/or help for the arrangements for the visa processing, guidance to choose accommodation, and the procurement of health insurance. This support will also be extended to sanitary or administrative emergency situations.


Medical cover will be compulsory for the entire students that join the AUNA program. Those foreign students that enroll and have not this provision, or do not evidence it, will be obliged to hire this service.

The Spanish Programs will provide information about policies that offer special conditions for their students.

The Spanish in Toledo program can facilitate the procedure of accommodating the students who request it.


The Spanish program in Toledo could facilitate the procedure of accommodation to the students who demand it.

Regarding the students, the available accommodation modalities in the cities of Toledo and Cuenca are:

  1. Families:

Through Toledo Acoge and Cuenca Acoge programs, families offer the possibility of accommodation in their private home where students are lodged in full-board accommodation.

  1. Residences:

The accommodation in residences depends on the availability of places in the requested period and on the type of the desired residence.

  1. Rooms in shared flats with other Spanish and/or international students, through the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and the International Relations Office (ORI) of the UCLM.



Phone number: + 34 926 29 54 02

Skype:                  programasespanoluclm

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